Review: Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake


All my favourite books have heroines I love at least as much as the heroes. I loooooove Lady Calpurnia Hartwell.

Callie’s been told her whole life if she follows the rules, life will turn out just right.

Turns out:

At 28, Callie is on the shelf. She’s resigned herself to be a spinster. And if she’s not trying to catch a husband, why follow the rules?

Callie tears up her list of rules and makes a new list – A list of what she wants to do: Kiss someone — passionately. Ride Astride. Smoke Cheroot. Drink Scotch. Gamble at a Gentleman’s Club.

In Ralston, Callie finds a complex man – arrogant and quick to anger, yet gentle and seductive – who has a few secrets of his own. Breaking the rules together brings them together in a sexy, sweet, hilarious story. LOVED.

I listened to this in audio and the narrator, Carolyn Morris, did a wonderful job!

Perfect start to this series! Can’t wait for the next ones!