Review: Wilde in Love by Eloisa James

33020122Too Wilde to Wed by Eloisa James
TheĀ Wildes of Lindow Castle
Adult Historical Romance
Avon Books
Publication Date
October 31, 2017
Print (MMP)




About the Book:

Lord Alaric Wilde, son of the Duke of Lindow, is the most celebrated man in England, revered for his dangerous adventures and rakish good looks. Arriving home from years abroad, he has no idea of his own celebrity until his boat is met by mobs of screaming ladies. Alaric escapes to his fatherā€™s castle, but just as he grasps that heā€™s not only famous but notorious, he encounters the very private, very witty, Miss Willa Ffynche.

Willa presents the faƧade of a serene young lady to the world.Ā Her love of books and bawdy jokes is purely for the delight of her intimate friends. She wants nothing to do with a man whose private life is splashed over every newspaper.

Alaric has never met a woman he wanted for his own . . . until he meets Willa. Heā€™s never lost a battle.

But a spirited woman like Willa isnā€™t going to make it easy. . . .

4 and half stars

I really loved Willa and Alaric! Alaric is like an historical romance Indiana Jones – traveling the world and writing books about his adventures. But once his books made their way to England, they – and he – were romanticized. An unauthorized, very fictional play about his life swept the nation and Alaric returns to find he’s England’s #1 Heartthrob. He does not like this.

Willa and her best friend Lavinia are both stunning and sought after. They play the London Season like a game, being perfect prim and proper potential wives in front of society and laughing at dirty jokes to themselves when no one is looking.

Willa wants nothing to do with Lord Wilde, certain that he’s an egotistical fraud. Alaric, though, realizes his feelings for Willa early on and dedicates himself to wooing her. I really like romances where the hero is the first to realize his feelings. His wooing includes gifting Willa a baby skunk, Sweetpea, who is an adorable side character and plays a very important role in the end.

There is a bit of a Shakespearean drama theme throughout the whole story, including a wicked villain and high stakes drama at the end.

I felt really connected to both Willa and Alaric. They felt evenly matched. All of the secondary characters, including Sweetpea, were delightful and I am excited to read more of the Wildes.